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2017 Contest Winners

Judges' Scoring

Below, you'll find the judges individual scores and the total score for each model entered. As a reminder of our scoring system, the first column for each judge is the score for presentation/creativity (out of 30 possible), the second column is for workmanship (out of 40 possible), and the last column is for painting/finishing (out of possible 30). We used two judges per category (J1 & J2) for the entire category. Ties are decided by a 3-person Judging committee consisting of the head judge and the two judges that judged that category. The scores are presented below so you can see the criteria used to obtain your model's score. If you'd like a complete description of our modeling criteria, feel free to contact us on our website and we'd be happy to send you the document we use for our criteria and judges training.

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